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Scots face highest food price hikes

    *   Published Date:  06 March 2008
* Source: Press Association
* Location: The Press Association Newsdesk

Scots families are facing the biggest rises in the UK for their grocery shopping, new figures reveal.
And the cost of food shopping is going up faster than ever, according to the Scottish Retail Consortium.

The latest Shop Price Index (SPI) reveals prices for groceries at Scottish shops went up by 1.6% in the year up to February 2008. The increase for the whole of the UK was 1.3%.

It is the highest increase in Scotland since the SPI began in December 2005.

Between January and February this year, the cost of food, including staples such as butter, bread and milk, also went up 0.9% in Scotland

The monthly rise in the whole of Britain for the same period was 0.4%.

The Shop Price Index is published by the Scottish Retail Consortium every month.

The rate of inflation was still below the government’s official inflation measure, the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Its current annual inflation rate is 2.2%

SRC director Fiona Moriarty said: “Although Scottish shop prices in February were up year-on-year the increase was well below the official measures of overall inflation.

“These figures show, while costs including fuel and some commodities are shooting up, Scottish retailers are working hard to pass on as little as possible of their own rise in costs to customers.”



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