Blog about the upcoming food shortage crisis

Everybody throws stones at the prophet, but when the crisis comes they yell: “Why nobody warned us?”

What do I have to say myself

When I started this blog I expected a little difficulty finding information to fit inside the blog. However Google News and Alerts proved to be an efficient tool, which saves me a lot of time. Media outlets all over the world have something to tell about the crisis.

It appears that the world nations are in fact concerned by the upcoming crisis and taking a steps in order to manage and control it. Ordinary people in the food dependent countries in Africa start riots and people of developing countries curb their non-food purchases. But on the other side farmers and related businesses are happy, because crisis sends more money their way, even the developing countries see the change, as investments pour into the agricultural sector. So despite the popular belie, even the crisis can be in benefit.

However, it is not just about people benefiting and being disadvantaged by the crisis, which in its timing overlaps with recession.  It is more about our weak attention to the agriculture and food production sector. We were ignorant, focusing on the future science and technologies, leaping into information age, full of hope and glory. We forgot where all we came from and what we all depend on – the Gifts of Nature, given in exchange for fair farmers labor.


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  1. Good stuff. Your best post yet.


    Comment by seandodson | March 8, 2008 | Reply

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