Blog about the upcoming food shortage crisis

Everybody throws stones at the prophet, but when the crisis comes they yell: “Why nobody warned us?”

What is going on in the world today

Today we have a whole new set of articles including North Korea as the new place for the crisis. We have two reports from different correspondent giving more background and analysis to the situation.

Indonesia is facing a social unrest as a food prices rise to the unprecedented level and hurt the poor, who constitute almost the half of the 220 million population and live on less than 2$ a day. According to government statistics, in the past year cooking oil has risen nearly 40 percent, rice is up 25 percent and tofu, a staple of the Indonesian diet, has gone up by 50 percent. More here.

Meanwhile Tara Parker Pop from New York Times presents us  the book called “Eat this, not That” by David Zinczenko. The book tells us about the worst foods which should be avoided. Read here.

North Korea, which has had problems with food and relied on foreign nations to feed its citizens since mid 90s, now faces a worsening of the crisis, according to AP South Korea. 11 percent of the country’s crops have been destroyed in the severe  floods last summer and now people of the country are experiencing shortage. Source.

Business Standard correspondent Poonam Munjal from New Delhi gives a good overview of the events in his report which could be read here.

Katherine Corcoran from the Chicago Tribune, based in Mexico City, starts off speaking about the rising food prices and the reasons for that and finishes by showing the attempts of the governments to tackle the crisis.  Using the contributions of the AP correspondents worldwide she shows how the crisis affects ordinary poor and middle class people and how the farmers profit. Three page report can be read here.

Finally, we have a surprising report from The Independent, London, which is named “It’s crazy to ignore benefits of GM food, says ‘Country Life'”.  Apparently the “Country Life” magazine has become pro GM (genetically modified) food using the rising world population and the crisis to justify its position. In its editorial “Country Life” accuses the enemies of the GM food of ignorance and irrational fear. Article from The Independent here.  Article from the “Country Life” here.


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