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Everybody throws stones at the prophet, but when the crisis comes they yell: “Why nobody warned us?”

Nauriz and the food

Yesterday (22 of March) the whole Kazakhstan has been celebrating the Nauriz – New Year in the most of the Central Asia. We have had the events in the whole country and the Old Square in my hometown Almaty was blocked by the maket of Otirar – ancient city that has resisted the Chingis Khan for 6 months.

I had a day out with my friends, it has seemed that the whole city is partying. However strange it is, I stopped to talk to the grocery sellers on the main street of the city. Well, we have tomatoes for 2 pounds and cucumbers for 1 pound. They told me they are rising prices because of the holiday – because wholesale markets are doing the same. Customers are the ones worst affected, but farmers are happy.

Meanwhile the price of the piece for bread in some regions of the Russia is reaching 50 p, which is a lot as it used to be around 10-15p.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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