Blog about the upcoming food shortage crisis

Everybody throws stones at the prophet, but when the crisis comes they yell: “Why nobody warned us?”

Todays pain and hunger

Guardian has released an article devoted to the food shortage crisis. In it John Vidal the environment editor places a considerable level of blame on the Western countries, which since 2006 diverted 20% of USA grain production to the biofuels.

Africa is the worst hit by the crisis as it imports 40% of its food. Food riots sparkle across 33 countries where people are protesting against rising food prices. The situation is astounding: food is on the shelves but people could not afford it.

In the desperate attempts to easen food crisis governments are removing duties on food and release taxes, however farmers are reluctant to sell, as they expect grain prices to hit $ 1000 a ton.

Full article is here.

The assuring new come from Phillipines where the government has allocated P47 billion in order to help to easen the crisis. “The multi-billion package had been clustered into six areas namely fertilizer, irrigation, extension and education, loans and insurance, dryers, and seeds (FIELDS). ”

Hopefully the money will be used effectively and help to solve the problem in Phillipines, which are hitĀ  by the decision of Vietnam to decrease the food exports. Read here.

Finally we have a bad news: Haitans killed in the food riots – here. And US governement deciding to submit and loosen cloned food rules – here.


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