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Everybody throws stones at the prophet, but when the crisis comes they yell: “Why nobody warned us?”

Zimabwe and the FOOD crunch

Right now I am trying to understand what is going on in the Zimbabwe. Obviously the country is in the great trouble and the government of the country has to hold its share of the responsibility. However, it appears that there are reasons for hunger and hyperinflation beyond the government´s control. According to the official media (newspapers, BBC, The Economist) the main person to blame is Robert Mugabe, current president of Zimbabwe, who is currently losing his grip on the power. But there is no mention about the economic blockade of the country by the West and South African Republic. Obviously media is not trying to give an in depth analysis of the situation. The agenda is clear – Mugabe is Tyrant, he has to go and allow MDC – Movement for Democratic Change to come to power.

In my humble opinion democracy and capitalism have done more harm to the countries than help. If we look for example at the former Soviet Union, we can see the troubles brought by the democracy and capitalism – inflation, poverty, hunger, infant mortality, dramatically decreased life expectancy, immigration from the poor countries and emigration of the skilled work force, financial troubles of the economy. Same things happened to Zimbabwe since 1990. Life expectancy has gone down from 90 to 37, literacy is going down due to the closing schools, hunger is roaring and hyperinflation is moving at an unexpected pace.

On the other side, some people are doing really well. White farmers are in the winning position, as the government mismanaged the lands confiscated from them and failed to increase food production. It is slowly moving into the situation where it will face the choice – to give the land back and let farmers produce the food, or to hold to the land and allow further situation worsening.

Finally, there is the issue of the freedom of the press. Government is trying to control the media in the country in order to prevent pro-Western propaganda and avoid the further distabiliasation. Media is just as valuable as any kind of utility and therefore has to be accountable, as it can exercise a huge persuasion power. However, it can be argued that the time has come to take a new ways of control to avoid the image of dictator.


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  1. Nice work Alisha, this blog is really beginning to grow. Impressive.


    Comment by Sean Dodson | April 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. Your opinion about capitalism, sheez! Russia is in the throes of trying to recover from 2 generations of communism which usurped all the elements on which freedom is based, so learn about capitalism before you make such blunders.
    Or maybe you just don’t believe in freedom
    you might learn something at

    Comment by Striker | April 15, 2008 | Reply

  3. Well, I am learning about capitalism for the last 18 years. As I grew up I gradually saw how the life and people around me changed under the influence of the capitalism. People were becoming angrier, more selfish and more concerned with their own needs rather than the needs of other people. I can say the same things about your knowledge of Russia and communism. You need to understand that 180 mln people had a very good reason to stick to their ideas for more than 70 years. Or would you claim 1 bn Chinese, millions of Koreans, African countries and Cuba weren’t smart enough to understand the so called THREAT of Communism? Cuban healthcare system is much better than the one of the United States and the life expectancy is much higher there by the way.

    Comment by Alisher Akhmetov | April 15, 2008 | Reply

  4. russia was not a country flourishing from communism, they were blocked off from the world, the government controlled businesses, it began to fall behind in the world, what was once a great nation was unable to keep up with the advancement of the outside world, corruption was everywhere, bring the black market up into a huge market. People had nothing to motivate them into working harder, they were stuck sad people

    yea 180 million had a good reason to stick to their ideas and that was because they knew nothing else.have you ever heard of the “great purge” in russia that began communist rule by killing any one who stood against the idea, millions of people harassed or killed

    look at north korea a country under military rule, who worship a dead leader. their people are dying they have no freedom and are unable to escape.

    you talk about cuban healthcare being better then america and having a longer life expectancy but that does not mean the country is any better to live in. theres this thing called the HDI (human development index) which takes into account more than just two things and gives a much better picture of quality of life in countries
    in this america is ranked 12, cuba ranked 51 it cant be that great over there.

    communism is the utopian ideal, the THREAT of communism that you speak of is that it was never real, communism is a lie that no country has ever achieved. its a perfect idea in an imperfect world. capitalism never promised a perfect society and yes it does make you concerned about your own needs over others but your lying to yourself if you think it was any different.

    Comment by tom | November 4, 2008 | Reply

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