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Everybody throws stones at the prophet, but when the crisis comes they yell: “Why nobody warned us?”

Grocery shopping, electricity and a new vision

Yesterday I went out to do some grocery shopping. I live in Willesden Green – nice district in the North West London. There is a Polish shop called Red Pig. (12B High Rd Brent, London NW10) They sell continental food from Poland. I bought some youghurts – Danio, 50 p each and 5 Snikers 25p each. This is what amazing. When I bought these yogurts and Snikers I paid for shipping, tax and markup. How is it possible that I can buy products produced in Poland and brought here to Britain so cheaply? It is not like I am buying something not available here. It is easy to find Danio youghurts for 1 pound or Snikers for 50 p.

I am trying to shop where it is cheaper, but at the same time energy prices go up. I used to do well with spending 2 pounds on electricity every day during the winter (electricity key, EDF company, winter and autumn time, heating on for the most of the day). Now I only have heating for the night time. Bill went up to 2 pounds 50 p. April is strangely cold – 0, -1 C at night, but I still need way less energy than in winter or autumn.

Some people say it is not right to complain. However, the majority seems to be heading to the other extreme – accepting the life difficulties without trying to do anything to make the life easier. May be it is the time to take a broader look at the life and events taking place around us.


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